Jam and Jelly

Decided to try some crab apple jelly today.  Not a smashing success, but a good effort.  It didn’t set very well but the flavor was about what we expected.  Pretty tart.  Kept adding Splenda to the boiled juice until it was sweet enough.  We used a pectin that was supposed to be good for reduced sugar recipes, but still wasn’t what we needed.  Mrs J went to town and came back with some fancy jelly jars and the pectin that claimed to be good for no sugar recipes.  Oh, and some more fruit-peaches and nectarines.  Peach Jam!  We made two batches, the first was just the peaches, and the second was half peach and half nectarine.  The two batches of jam seem to be setting up a bit better.

I was having flash fun, so plenty of pictures!

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