Daily Archives: August 10, 2010

Mmm…Cherry Pie!

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Odds ‘n’ Ends

Nothing fancy for recipes today, though Mrs J is working on a cherry pie at the moment.  I keep hearing discouraging sounds from the kitchen.  I think crust related but I’m not sure.

Baked some little loaves of bread.  Not sure what the loaves would be called by an expert baker.  Looks to me like they will be great sammich buns.  The last batch proved to be very good with hotdogs.  Mrs J spent some time at the shelter and came back with a few puppy pics.  She also came back with a bunch of cherries, so we had a pitting circle going for a while.  Prompted me to order a pitting tool from Amazon so we’d be ready for the next batch.

Put up eight half pints of cherry jam.

Took a few hummer pics.

Been a lazy summer day, too hot for anything outdoors, mercury touched 100 degrees here today, and the dew point temps were in the 70s.  Just miserable outside.

[Edit: added pie pic]

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