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Bug Hunt!

Wasps and bee looking things are swarming the flowers out front.  It’s too hot to chase bugs very far but there seems to be a good selection on the rooster tails this evening.  No clue what the names are for these things.  A few look like bumble bees of a sort but I see several species of these so what I call a bumble bee is most certainly just one of any number of like insects.

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More Tomato Goodness

I dried two baking sheets worth of tomatoes today, and the romas that were excess I boiled down for a sauce.  I packed the dried romas away in a jar with olive oil and garlic and was dithering over the dried regular tomatoes.  By this time the sauce on the stove was getting very thick, and there wasn’t enough to jar.  Oh well.  Decided to just gobble everything down tonight for dinner.

Sauted some Italian sausage, sliced garlic, and some onions.  I chopped up the dried tomatoes and tossed them in the pan, too.  Wasn’t too sure how to handle them but this seemed to work.  Sliced up some mushrooms and added those, and some fresh basil leaves from the container herb garden.  More onions.  This was starting to look good.  Dumped in the tomato sauce I had reduced to nearly a tomato paste.  Reduced the heat and covered that while the pasta finished.  The tomato sauce was looking too thick so I added some white wine.  Dumped the pasta atop it all when it was drained.

Plated the pasta and sprinkled some chopped basil over it, grated some parmesan and romano, and served it with some garlic bread.  Yummy


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Dried Tomatoes

Seems only fair to put something up featuring those tomatoes we spent so much time on.  I have two more trays drying in the oven right now, some romas and a tray of big boys all scooped out. I have a new pint jar started with the smaller romas that are already dried enough.  I drop a few in, add a bit of garlic and a sprinkle of basil, a glug of oil, maybe some oregano.  It’ll be a couple of hours yet before most are ready.

This sammich had salami and pepperoni, and some pepper jack cheese.  The small dipping bowl has some homemade mayo mixed with some stone ground mustard.  Mayo spread on a sammich is nice, but the various slices tend to squirt out when bitten into.  Providing a dipping bowl for the condiments is a  handy way around that.


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