Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

Chicken Braised in Mango Chutney

Talk about agonizing over a menu.  Been fretting about this all day long, thawed a chicken early so I knew what the main ingredient was going to be but couldn’t make up my mind on how to cook it.  I was pretty set on roasting it in the oven with a BBQ sauce.  Mrs J had been urging me to do it that way, maybe with french fries and slaw.  I had the bird all splayed out on the roasting pan and the oven heating.

Changed my mind.

Chopped the bird up with a cleaver and browned the pieces in oil with some garlic.  Added a sliced onion.  Dumped in a jar of mango chutney and some chicken stock.  Added a can of mushrooms.  It was looking good.  Was thinking about a side.  Rice would have worked fine.  Decided on potatoes.  Now what?  Ran an idea or two past Mrs J.  She was kinda miffed over me not doing the BBQ thing do she wasn’t much help.  Ah!  I know!  Toss the taters in there with the chicken!  Yay!

Some veggies for color?  You betcha!  Steamed some broccoli and some carrots.  Hey, Sweetie Pie!  Dinner’s ready!


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