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Gadget Post

Mrs J was successful in her hunt for cherries today, she came home with 4 pounds.  Excellent chance to try out the new cherry pitting gadget.

Seemed to work just fine, Mrs J hopes whoever invented the thing has made his million dollars.


Cold Soup? Make Mine Spicy Hot, Please

Yup, it’s plenty hot outside, reached 100 yesterday, humidities off the charts.  Today promises much the same despite a series of thunderstorms that moved through last night.  Jack woke  me when he jumped into bed looking for some comfort.  His shivers finally eased and we got some sleep.

We are going to spend the day making more fruit preserves, Mrs J has gone to town after some more apples.  We want to make more apple butter since the last batch was so good.  And Amazon delivered the Oxo cherry pitting tool we ordered after the last cherry go around so she will keep her eyes peeled for more cherries.

Bought some Korean ramen noodles at Amazon while I was there shopping for the cherry pitter, and they came yesterday.  Decided to give them a try.

The ramen package came with a packet of dried veggies but they seemed rather a puny addition.  I decided to try some of my pickled veggies with the noodles.  These came about as a direct result of the carrot/daikon pickle I did a while back.  It was such an easy recipe that I soon extended the pickling to some garden produce, along with more carrots and onions and other stuff I am forgetting.

I set the water to boiling and added in the noodles and the seasoning packets.  The “hot” seasonings  weren’t all that hot for me but I betcha Mrs J would think they were.  At the last minute I tossed in some frozen shrimp.  I put the pickled veggies in after I poured the soup out into the bowl.  All they needed was a warm up.  They did add an interesting flavor accent to the soup, spicy with just a tang of sour from the vinegar in the pickles, offset a bit by the sugar in the pickle recipe.  Well, a couple billion folks can’t be wrong-noodles make an awesome soup.

Saturday Morning

We made apple butter a few days ago, turned out rather well.  Not sure what kind of apples we used and didn’t take a pic of them before we peeled them all so it will remain a mystery.  They were pretty apples, guess you’ll have to take my word for it.  My goodness, the aroma from the apples cooking down with the cinnamon and allspice and cloves!  Didn’t count the apples, but the bag they came to the kitchen in said 1/2 peck.  I’ll guess the number at 18, give or take.

Anyway, Mrs J opined that raisin bread would make a dandy base for apple butter so I baked a couple of loaves yesterday late.  Sliced one of them open this morning and got out the peanut butter and the apple butter.  Naturally, I also broke out the camera thinking about a nice post on the raisin bread/apple butter breakfast , with pretty pictures.

And it was all going as planned.  Had a pic of the sliced loaf, another of the toasted slice with the butters spread and had called Mrs J to breakfast when I looked out the window at the hummer feeder.  The lil fellers were hungry!  And combative.  I ran several shots right through the window glass.  I can watch those birds for hours, all the little dramas to the side, face-offs, challenges, chases.  Thanks to the “motor drive” on the camera I must have taken 50 shots within 2 minutes.  I pruned those down to a dozen or so.

How was your morning?

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