Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

Surprise Flowers

It was quite a busy weekend and I didn’t make it to the farm stand.  I didn’t do much cooking either.  I’ll hit the stand after work tomorrow.  I’m anxious to try some of the peach recipes I’ve unearthed.  I did get to sample a great recipe from one of our guest bloggers.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post it (and pictures) during our peach week.  It was good stuff.

I was admiring the flower garden of a Friend of Blog Saturday, when she took me over to one corner of it to show me her surprise flowers.  You know the ones, you order a bunch of bulbs or plants and they throw in a few ‘gifts’ – probably whatever is hanging around the warehouse that day.  A few weeks ago FOB noticed plants coming up that she didn’t even remember planting.  Being a great gardener she patiently waited to see what they would become.  She was well rewarded:

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Just Some Random Pics

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