Not How I Expected to Spend My Afternoon

I am so screwed

This little guy ran by my house in his collar and leash.  With the help of a neighbor I cornered him and brought him home.  I was expecting there to be tags or a phone number on the collar.  No such luck.  4 hours later, we’ve traversed the surrounding neighborhoods, visited the vet (no chip) and let everyone know where he can be found.  Tomorrow I’ll stop at the Humane Society and leave his information.  I’m reluctant to turn him in as long as he’s okay here and we have his information out there.

He’s obviously part terrier and smart as whip….and he loves the Great Dane next door, so…we’ll let’s just say I need to find his owner fast.

He’s adorable.  And I know he’s missed by someone.

5 thoughts on “Not How I Expected to Spend My Afternoon

  1. Looks a whole lot like my little Jambon! Jammy is a rough coated JRT and has that same glint in her eye and smile.

    You are so screwed for sure.

    Got any trees he can climb? Jammy has gotten about 10 or 11 feet up in one of ours.


  2. Today will be spent, well besides work and blogging, putting up flyers and stopping at the Humane Society with his information. It’s difficult to describe how funny looking (but cute) this dog is. The front half of his coat is rough coat terrier and he has those great floppy ears, but the back half and his build are like a Stafford Terrier, with a short, soft coat. So he kind of looks like a grandpa in the front and a body builder from the back.

    Wish me luck.


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