House Guest Update

It seems we have a possible owner, I’m waiting for a call.  The Humane Society hooked us up. His name is Patches and he got very excited when I used it.  BUT, I won’t rest easy until the owner calls me and we know for sure.  I’ll get my hopes up that we’ve found his home and instead end up spending the afternoon putting up flyers.

He was very good last night, though we had a battle of wills over sleeping in the bed with me.  Not going to happen.  I got the distinct feeling that if you let a terrier win once you’ll never win another battle with them.  With the Great Danes, they had size on their side and battles usually went something like, “I’m not going to do it and I’m bigger than you, so there.”  I found ways to overcome that and be alpha anyway.  But with this little guy, I got the impression his version went something like this, “I’m going to do it anyway and I’m smarter than you, so there.”  He was probably right, so all I had was sheer stubbornness on my side.

I brought him to work today because I was at a loss of what else to do, so he’s tied up in the backyard lounging on the shady lawn, playing with one of my guys’ kids.  We had a moment this morning when he ran off as I put him in the car.  He ran with great purpose and I was hopeful he knew his way home.  I got in the car and followed after him.  4 square blocks later no sign of him, so I headed back home…oh he knew his way home all right – my house.  But of course I’d just fed him hamburger and rice for dinner and scrambled eggs and rice for breakfast, he knew where the good eats were.

In that moment I was really afraid this was going to be a big problem.  I’m glad he has someone who loves him, because while I’m perfectly charmed by him and adore him, there is no room in my life at this moment for a dog.  As a lifetime dog owner I understand what a dog needs and at this point, I don’t feel I can offer that.  But it was nice to have a house guest.  And such a well-behaved one at that.

UPDATED: Spoke with Patches’ owner, we’ll reunite them after work.  Hard for me to believe, but he is 15.  He still acts like a puppy, but after his adventures he’s been asleep all afternoon.  I’m sure he’ll be glad to sleep in his own bed tonight.

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