Mmm…Stir Fry

We bought some asparagus yesterday and decided to use some of it up fast this time rather than wait for the tips to go all gooey on us.  These are the skinniest spears I’ve ever seen, no clue where they came from or how they were grown.  I was pretty sure I could make a decent stir fry out of the asparagus and some chicken breast but it’s always a good idea to Google recipes just to see if you can pick up any new and hot trends.  Alas, didn’t see anything new.  Did look real hard at this recipe. My eye was caught by the brown sauce and marinade recipes.  I’m a sucker for a new brown sauce and this one seemed nice enough.  I copied both sauces.  The chicken and onions went into the marinade, and the brown sauce (with the addition of some corn starch) went over everything at the end. Having fun with my julienning peeler, too.


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  1. Oh wow, that looks delicious! Turned out very beautiful! I like all the photos :0)


  2. Thanks! I try to get good pictures. Sometimes they look better than they taste! This was good, but I think I prefer the sauces that go more chicken stock and less soy sauce.


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