Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

More Stir Fry

Most of the fun cooking these things is coming up with a sauce.  I had lots of fun today.  Started with a cup of chicken stock, poured in some sesame oil, about a tablespoon.  I have some tamarind paste that has been skulking in the refrigerator door for months.  I scooped about two tablespoons into the mix.  Added half a tablespoon of ginger root paste.  A few dried red peppers.  Hmm…need some corn starch, two tablespoons ought to do it.  A splash of dark soy sauce, maybe a tablespoon.  Two tablespoons of hoisin sauce.  Maybe some Splenda for sweetness?  Yup…maybe two tablespoons.  Ah, some dry sherry, another glug added.  OK, simmer for a bit, set aside.  It’ll be the last thing to go into the pan.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest.


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Meatballs Reconsidered

Actually, it would properly be re-reconsidered since I’ve done this with meatballs before.  I really did want to see how the last batch of daikon pickles tasted.  Answer:  Very good!  As usual, my banh mi sammich has baby spinach instead of the soap tasting stuff.


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My lunch today was surprisingly good.  I wasn’t expecting much, because I just threw together what I needed to use up last night.  I browned some ground beef, added Cajun spice and chili powder, a bit of garlic, salt and pepper.  Mixed in brown rice, fresh salsa and to top it off, some finely shredded cheddar.  Packaged it all up and popped it into the microwave a few minutes ago.  Yummy.  Always nice when you throw something together and it’s tasty.

A friend and I are planning a trip to New Orleans in October, so I’ve spent the past few days immersed in NOLA information.  This may mean the Thursday Night Menu maybe Cajun inspired.  We’ll see.

I also have a request for a night of Tapas.  I’m working on that right now.  Picking out a few items, we’ll recipe test them soon and then they will show up as a Thursday Night Menu.

See, we take requests here…keep that in mind.  Until then…