More Stir Fry

Most of the fun cooking these things is coming up with a sauce.  I had lots of fun today.  Started with a cup of chicken stock, poured in some sesame oil, about a tablespoon.  I have some tamarind paste that has been skulking in the refrigerator door for months.  I scooped about two tablespoons into the mix.  Added half a tablespoon of ginger root paste.  A few dried red peppers.  Hmm…need some corn starch, two tablespoons ought to do it.  A splash of dark soy sauce, maybe a tablespoon.  Two tablespoons of hoisin sauce.  Maybe some Splenda for sweetness?  Yup…maybe two tablespoons.  Ah, some dry sherry, another glug added.  OK, simmer for a bit, set aside.  It’ll be the last thing to go into the pan.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest.


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