Daily Archives: August 29, 2010


At least one of these photos captures 19 hummers.  A new record!  Yay!  I’m not going to say which.  LOL

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Boudin and Pasta?

It wasn’t me.  You can’t prove I did it.  Mrs J made me do it.  No law against it.  LOL  This wasn’t on my mind this morning when I got up, and wasn’t on my mind when Mrs J dragged the boudin from the big freezer with an order to “use up some of this stuff you got in there”.

I went to the Google to find a recipe aside from the “warm it up and spread it on saltines” that I’ve seen before.  99 out of the first hundred hits from a “boudin+sausage+recipe” search were for making boudin sausage.  Not helpful.  The other return was a recipe that included apples and a few more items I didn’t have.  Grumble grumble…what to do… what to fix..mumble.. “Make spaghetti out of it.”..mumble ..*boink*– “You mean with pasta and sauce and stuff?”  “Yeah, use some shells and the fresh mozzarella and bake it.”  Hmm

Let’s see how it went:

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