Mmm…coleslaw just like the Colonel made

And some more stuff, too!  We pretty well decided that fried fish would be on the menu today when we found the last few frozen fillets in the freezer today.  I wanted some coleslaw like you get at KFCs, and Google told me that there were recipes reputed to be the actual secret recipe.  Many recipes, many different recipes. I stopped at this recipe because Squidoo has been very nice about using my pictures posted at Flickr and giving me credit. I was pretty slap dash building the slaw, didn’t measure anything.  Used less than a whole head of cabbage and did the conversion math in my head.  Also didn’t have any buttermilk, but since making your own buttermilk involves adding vinegar or lemon juice to milk I don’t think it really made much difference.  I used the food processor to chop the cabbage, carrots, and onion and then dumped those into a large bowl.  The rest of the stuff I just eyeballed into the processor again and gave it a quick spin to mix and then poured it over the veggies.  I used too many carrots, I think, but the slaw tasted very good, and seemed close enough to what you get at the fast food place.  I’m going to call it a winner.

Thawed some beans I made this spring for a Memorial Day picnic.  Yum!  A whole ‘nother post there.  And the tartar sauce!  Yummy!

Nearly forgot the corn on the cob I had ready when taking my usual round of pictures, I did get it in there but it was hurried and the butter slid off before I got focused.  Drat!


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