Green Tomato Relish

Really had a change in the weather today, foggy and cool.  Temp was 66 just now per the thermometer in the truck as I was coming back from the post office.  There is even a touch of smoke in the air, like someone has a fire going in their wood stove.  We have several folks around here that use wood burners for heating.  We have plenty enough wood that we could except we are way too lazy to chop and split.  Been there, done that.  Anyhow…

It seems sure that the green tomatoes hanging on in the garden aren’t going to ripen any time soon.  I’ve been looking at green tomato relishes for a few days and today seemed a good day to try one out. “Mommy’s Kitchen”–great name for a food blog!

I went out and brought in a basket full of green tomatoes, and a few green peppers.  Didn’t have any ripe bell peppers but there were several nice banana peppers that had turned a nice red.  Grabbed a couple of jalapenos, too.

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