Bread and Pizza!

We were needing some bread else we were going to have to eat store bought.  I started some dough in the bread machine, divided the dough into two loaves and fired the oven.  I let the dough do a last rise on the baking tray covered in plastic wrap while the oven heated to 400, than shoved it in with a good squirt of mist.  After ten minutes and several additional misting the loaves got a milk wash and a 180 turn on the rack.  I looked in after 7 more minutes and gave them another few.  When the color looked right they were removed to a cooling rack.

No sense wasting a hot oven.  Laid the pizza stone in and cranked the temp past 500.  Busied myself with the Lebanese pita rounds and the fixings.  Stone was only big enough for one at a time but that’s fine-I can only eat one at a time.


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