Chorizo for Breakfast

Yum!  I never see chorizo in my local grocery, and that’s a real shame because it is some very good eats.  There are all kinds of chorizo sausage but the post really isn’t about the sausage per se.  I’m just celebrating and documenting breakfast.  Here is a Wikipedia page that will tell you more than you need to know about the various chorizo recipes and styles.  This morning I got out some fresh sausage, as opposed to dried sausages.  The dried versions are cooked and/or cured and can be eaten as is.  Fresh chorizo needs cooking.  All I’ve ever prepared crumbles easily, but the intense red of the paprika or ground red peppers in the recipe make it hard to tell how done the meat is.  I just make sure to cook it plenty long enough.

I’ll paste a few words from the Wiki page I linked to above:

Chorizo con huevos is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico and areas of Mexican immigration. It is made by mixing fried chorizo with scrambled eggs. Chorizo con huevos is often used in breakfast burritos and tacos and taquitos

Just a little bit of both in this series of pictures.  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Chorizo for Breakfast

  1. Well, chorizo is a favorite in my household. Always have it on hand. We make a killer bean dip with chorizo and smashed pintos (cooked with ham hock, onions, fresh jalapeno). Use about 3 parts pintos to 1 part chorizo; mix it all up in the skillet the chorizo is cooked in–I use cast iron for everything–top with queso fresca, roasted poblano strips, caramelized onions; stick in oven until its bubbly; it’s really good with fresh corn tortillas but tortilla chips work well if you can’t find good corn tortillas.


  2. Yum! I bet that’s some fine eatin there, too. We’re always looking for recipes and your dip sounds great. Want to take some pics the next time you make some and send them in? TaMara has an email addy up there on the right side. Love to feature it in a post.


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