Mrs J came back from the shelter today with a little homework.  I’ve named him Homer.  He was abandoned at the shelter the other day with a broken leg, singed whiskers, and eyes matted shut.  Mrs J spent an hour with little gauze wipes getting the eyes to open.  The vet set the leg and put on a cast.  The poor thing really needs full time attention so she brought him home for a couple of weeks.  Maybe-heh.  We’ll see.  Here are some pics.

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7 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Well, so far he’s doin fine. Mrs J won’t let him run about unsupervised but he’s had fun on the couch with finger biting and belly rubbin. He actually doesn’t get in much “runnin about” with the cast and all, but he does clomp around in cute little circles.


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