Some Updates

A couple of personal updates.  The nearby fire is completely contained, the one to the north is still burning with winds expected today.  I don’t even smell the smoke anymore – it’s there, just lost my ability to smell it.

The two local animal shelters who put out calls for food and supplies were so completely inundated with supplies they cried “uncle” yesterday and showed off mountains of donations and said, STOP! and Thank you.  It was pretty impressive.

I got my new bike yesterday and can’t wait to get out today and ride it, I will give updates on how wonderful (I hope) it is.  I have 7 days to give it a good workout and still be able to take it back.  I don’t think that will happen, I test-rode 4 different bikes, feeling like Goldilocks the whole time.  One was too big, one too small….until I got to just right. I settled on a Specialized Cross-Trainer.

A friend and I are still working on tapas recipes, but our schedules are polar opposite these days, so haven’t had the chance to get together and make them.  It will happen – it may just be in time for holiday parties, which would  be perfect.

BTW, if you remember my recent house guest Patches, he showed up again a few days ago.  He knows where the good food it.  He’s back home…again.   And speaking of rescues, if you haven’t seen JefferyW’s newest family addition, you need to scroll down, because that is one squishably adorable kitten Mrs. J brought home from the shelter.

Okay, I think that catches you up on my world.  How have the waning days of summer been treating you?