Sesame Shrimp Linguine

This dish is like a bolt out of the blue!  Where have you been all my life?!?  I was puttering about in an online chat when a fellow mentioned he had had shrimp pasta for dinner yesterday.  That sounded pretty easy so I thought “me too” and went to the cupboard to sort through the pasta we had on hand.  I reached down a bag I had bought a few weeks ago.  I’ve had some pasta from the same outfit before-I think it was mushroom flavored but the style escapes me.  I was reading the back and looked at a recipe they had on there and it struck me that it sounded pretty good, and I had all the stuff I needed, mostly.

I set to work assembling the sauce: Some olive oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, a bit of Splenda in lieu of cane sugar, some sesame oil, and some ginger went into a bowl.  Not content with those I crushed some Szechuan peppercorns, and minced several cloves of garlic, and drizzled in several tablespoons of chili oil.  I decided to make the sauce double as a marinade so in went the peeled shrimp.

I opted not to put in the broccoli the recipe called for.  It would have worked well.  After eating the dish I had several other ingredient ideas that will be in the next batch of this I make.

Prep was fast and easy.  I fired a large skillet and cooked the shrimp in the sauce, took just a few minutes while the pasta was boiling next burner over.  Drained, the pasta went right atop the shrimp along with a good handful of red bell pepper slices.  This stuff was great!  Can’t wait for the next batch with the improvements I have in mind!


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2 thoughts on “Sesame Shrimp Linguine

  1. And still frozen! I forgot to get them out until I went to plate the meal. I really wish we had bought some more of those peppers that day they were on sale. They were just perfect, another day and they would have started rotting on the shelves.


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