Making Chorizo

I was lamenting the other day that there wasn’t a nearby source for delicious chorizo sausage.  I bought some links the other day and have used them to great success in breakfast omelets and burritos and today’s edition of yummy breakfast burrito was no different.  Alas, I used the last of the chorizo.

Yesterday I meet a need by baking my own pitas rather than mope about the kitchen wishing I had bought more the last time I was at the market and that same spirit of can do animated my [Ed: please, dude, you are beginning to cloy] … OK OK, turning the smaltz spigot off…where was I?  Ah, yes, looking for homemade chorizo recipes.  Success! There are several recipes at that link-the one I used as a template was the one titled “Chorizo Autentico”.

Made a few changes:  Didn’t add the 6-20 hot peppers, and didn’t put in the cumin seeds (I was out).  I wasn’t sure what “pure ground red chili” was so I used some dried “California” chilies and a couple of dried ancho chilies.  I added a few tablespoons of chili powder and a few of paprika as well.  And, just because I had some, a couple of sprinkles of ground coriander.  The rest of the recipe was unchanged.  I did whirl the dried oregano in the spice grinder-the same machine that I used on the dried chilies.

In a few days I will report the outcome of the morning’s effort.

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