Chicken the Kentucky Colonel Would Laff At

The cole slaw recipe that claims to be just like the genuine article from KFC worked well enough that I gave another recipe out there a look.  This one for the main item on the menu-the fried chicken.  [Edit:  Original link was dead so this link is to different recipe.]

There are several out there, most call for Italian dressing mix as an ingredient, and several also mention Lipton brand “Cup-a-Soup” style tomato soup mix.  We didn’t have either in the cupboard but Mrs J volunteered to make a store run.  She returned sans the soup mix, alas-Kroger either not stocking it or stocking it out of sight.  The recipe I was sorta following wanted it so I thought maybe if there was some tomato soup in with the buttermilk marinade it would work out.  I gave it a shot, added a can of condensed soup to the buttermilk and put the chicken pieces and the marinade into a plastic bag.  I mixed the rest of the stuff in a big bowl-included the Bisquick but missed on the tarragon and the chervil.  The chicken got a couple of hours in the marinade, then I took the pieces out and rolled them in the bowl full of breading and set those out on a rack.  I should have let them dry right there for a while but didn’t.  I soon had the  oil at 350 in a sauce pot and fried the chicken a piece at a time, just until it browned nicely, maybe 2 minutes per, and then set them out on another wire rack in a baking tray.  Already the breading was falling off the chicken, letting the breading dry for about 30 minutes was one technique recommended for avoiding that.  I think letting the marinade drip off the pieces for a while before dredging would help as well.  (The buttermilk was a thick as the condensed soup.)  These went into a 350 oven for about 45 minutes.

A quick note on the mashed potatoes:  added sliced garlic, romano, parmesan, riccota, parsley flakes, butter, and buttermilk.  They were really good, as was the gravy-made the roux from the breading mix and used buttermilk as well as regular milk.  There may have been a touch of the tomato soup in the roux.


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