Bok Choy Stir Fry and More

The stir fry was just the last episode in a fun day.  Took off to town this morning to go to the stores, and to drop by the credit union for some cash.  I wanted some more dried red peppers for the chorizo I planned making, and needed to pick up some dark ale for another batch of mustard.  Had great success finding everything I needed, and found a few items I wanted.

Once I made it home I got busy grinding the peppers and other spices for the sausage.  Made 5# this time, this batch has more red pepper in it than the last, and some ground cumin seeds this time (one of the things I bought today-cumin seeds).  I stuffed the fresh made chorizo into a gallon sized plastic storage bag where it will mature for a few days, then I will divide it into smaller portions for freezing.  I think half pounds will be about right.  I fed Mrs J the chorizo hash last night and she was full of ideas on how to use more of it, tacos, burritos, etc etc.

I also brought home some black mustard seeds and started a batch of the whole grain mustard recipe.  Used a different ale this time, still a dark ale, and used all black mustard seeds. Last time I used 1/3 yellow seeds because I didn’t buy enough black ones, I had plenty of the black seeds today.  Ran out of red wine vinegar, though I had just enough for this one batch.

Oh!  And Mrs J took Homer to the vet for routine shots, and the vet took the cast off!  Yay!

OK, almost forgot the stir fry.  I’ll run down the sauce recipe as best as I can remember:  Chicken stock, soy sauce, oyster sauce, a dab of plum sauce for sweetness, some red pepper flakes, some hoisin sauce, dry sherry, and corn starch.  The chicken was marinaded in half soy and half sherry, then drained and mixed with some corn starch and flour in a bit of water for a thin batter before frying.  Cook the chicken first, then set it aside, add more oil to the same pan and toss in the mushrooms, the peppers, and the stems of the bok choy, add the ginger and garlic, stir in the sauce, then add the chicken back.  Last thing stir in the leaves.  Serve over rice, I used brown rice today.


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  2. Heh, it does look just a tad out of joint. He favors the leg quite a lot, I see many of the same behaviors now that I am sure were originally a result of the limitations imposed by the cast. I would almost bet that the peculiar gait that he developed wearing the cast will be with him for a long time.


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