More, More Mustard

Or “Mustard II: The Revenge”

OK, that was pretty bad.  Hey it isn’t a comedy blog.  Not even a food blog for that matter.  Anything but politics-cursing WordPress is fine.  I had so much fun with the whole grain mustard that I was just a bit put out to see Mrs J eat a hot dog last night with *gasp* store-boughten honey mustard!  Aagh, and I work my fingers to the bone putting quality food on the table…what?

Mrs J was the one that put that food on the table last night?

Uh-huh, Mrs J chimes in that “you were too tired” to cook last night, and that “your feet hurt” and I was a “poor poor boy”.  “Pity was taken” she passively-aggressively noted, adding:  “My hot dog, my call on mustard”.

Well, OK then.

I can make honey mustard, I think.   Googling so fast my fingers blur.  Aha!  No!  Amazing how many hits I am getting for “honey mustard recipe” that all begin more or less with “assume some honey mustard”.  Finally found a recipe for making it, not just using some in a dipping sauce recipe. I ground the seeds last night and added the water.  Recipe says soak for 24 hours, I didn’t wait and started this morning messing with it.  Decided to go to the blender and rid it of the seed husks, smooth it out.  Seemed a bit thick so I added some white wine.  Better.  Some brown sugar?  OK, a couple tablespoons.  A bit more bite?  A little white vinegar.  Let me see if some turmeric will yellow this up some…yup.  Shaping up nice.  Mrs J nods her head after a taste.  Hang up my laurels?  Heh.  Just getting started.

I hate these cliffhanger endings, so here’s a spoiler for the sequel:  “Mustard:  All Mixed Up and Loving It”

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5 thoughts on “More, More Mustard

  1. Hah! Food blogging is so last week! We are going meta. I’ll be blogging about blogging about food. The subject of this post isn’t mustard! It is a sly and subtle amusement that takes ironic digs at the “Clash of Civilizations” rhetoric so often heard around the water cooler at the end of the salad bar at Applebee’s.


  2. I am more and more tempted to try this every time you post about the mustard. It looks sooooo good. I’ll get to it just as soon I make another batch of applebutter and process all the chilis (jalepenos, mariachi, hot banana and problanos) and the last of the sweet corn I got at the farmer’s market this morning, and get all my baking done to send my DH a care package. Probably about half-past next week sometime.
    Where do you get the mustard seeds? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a grocery store.


  3. Hey, Indy–Nice to see you back. We finished off our peppers yesterday, today Mrs J pulled the plants up by the roots and added them to the compost pile. Still have a few tomatoes hanging in there, tomorrow or the next day we take what we have and start the last batch of awesome sauce.
    The brown mustard for the two batches of stout ale mustard came from the Asian grocery the next town over. They have so much cool stuff there I never know beforehand what I’ll be lugging out to the truck when I leave. I also bought some ground yellow seeds there-mustard “flour”. The store doesn’t carry yellow seeds for whatever reason. I ordered a couple of pounds of the yellow seeds from Amazon-those were the seeds I ground for the honey mustard batch.


  4. Thanks for the info. I’ll check Amazon. If I want a good Asian market I have to venture over the border into Illinois and head toward the city, there seems to be a dearth here in the land of cheese. It’s one of the few things I miss about California.

    I got some nice tomatoes at the farmer’s market, but the lady told me she will probably only have some next week and then finito. There were still tons of chilies today, I was kind of surprised. I am going to make one more batch of salsa and freeze it, since it seems that canning it is a major pain.
    I’ve had a ball this year roasting chilies and mixing them up for different flavors.

    Tons and tons of apple everywhere though, kinds I’ve never heard of. Bought some Honeycrisps , Priscillas to eat and for apple butter and some Cortlands to bake with.


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