Fun So Far, but the Day is Yet Young

Visited the pond site, the boys are hard at it again today, the thing is shaping up nicely.  Talked to them yesterday about seeding and mulching, also discussed some technical points on the overflow and outlet pipe elevations, the contour of the finished dam top, back slope, and etc.  Took the dog boys with me again, and a great time was had by us all.  Toured down to the creek to finish the doggie run, and hauled a couple of rocks back for Mrs J’s garden.

Discovered a bunch of jalapenos that I didn’t know I had, Mrs J mentioned she uprooted the pepper bushes, she didn’t say until today that there were still peppers on them.  She figured we had plenty already.  Nonsense.  Decided to go with a no boil canning method, sterilized the jars and lids, boiled vinegar and water with salt for the packing medium, and then sliced the peppers.  Packed those into jars and poured in the vinegar brine, then capped the jars with the dome lids and rings but didn’t do the boiling water bath.  Put up six pints that way, then experimented a bit with some whole peppers left over.  Had some of the vinegar brine left so I poked holes in the peppers and tossed them into the brine to simmer a little, added some oregano and garlic, a few tablespoons of olive oil.  These went into a sterilized quart jar.  All the jars sealed.  The recipe said a 2 week wait for full flavor to develop.  These should retain more “crunch” than those that get the boiling water bath treatment.

And…the usual kitty things, Homer playing with a bit of fluff.  A big green worm on one of Mrs J’s container plants caught her eye and she summoned me to take its picture.  Nearly time for lunch!  Where does the time go…

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2 thoughts on “Fun So Far, but the Day is Yet Young

  1. I love pickled jalapeños. Mmm, mmm. I snagged one of your Homer pix for tonight’s menu, for the fans ya know (shameless cute animal pix to drive those hits up!).

    I think your worm is a caterpillar. 😉

    Are you putting in a new pond or just leveling out the land and planting there?


  2. Well, of course it is a caterpillar. It is also a green worm.

    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    There will be a pond there, it is the spot where a pond was built before and then fell into disrepair. It is a new pond in the sense that it will be extensively renovated. It’s really hard to take a picture that displays the real sense of “concavity” that I see with the naked eye. Perhaps a shot late in the day with shadows lengthening across the site would reveal it better.


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