Hard to describe these particular moments.  You know, the times when it seems a lightning bolt has struck, and suddenly you are not sure if you are quite as smart and aware and efficient as your Momma always told you you were.

Many of the meals I prepare share a common ingredient:  Green onions.  More than a garnish, although they are a superb garnish.  The only problem with them is that they are so perishable!  I try to keep a few bunches in the fridge but nearly every time I go to them I have to peel away an outer leaf because it’s turning brown, or worse, into green gooey slime.  The other day I was passing some time reading comments to a recipe on line and someone mentioned offhandedly that they kept their green onions in the freezer, already chopped.


chopped and spread on a tray for freezing

Will they be as good as fresh?  Doubt it for strictly “garnish”, but mixed in with soups or omelets or frittatas they should be just fine.

One thought on “D’oh!

  1. Thank you! I use green onions almost exclusively, because I prefer their flavor to white or yellow (don’t even get a red onion near me, hate them) and inevitabily I have to stop at the store to pick some up because I can’t keep more than 1 or 2 bunches at at time. This will save me time and annoyance.

    I freeze green peppers all the time, don’t know why I never thought to freeze onions.


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