Dried Tomato Pesto

Mrs J’s turn to call the dinner menu.  She pulled a frozen whole chicken out to thaw and mumbled “fried chicken, chicken dumplings..maybe”.  Bah, been there done that.  I fired up the Google recipe generator and input “whole chicken tomatoes” and ran across a recipe for roast chicken in dried tomato pesto.  Not having any tomato pesto didn’t stop me from clicking the link.  A picture of a grilled chicken with a good smear of the pesto started me wishing I had some of that pesto stuff.  Hmm…[sound of cracking knuckles]..let’s see if there isn’t a recipe-I have some dried tomatoes.

Plenty of recipes out there in Google space.  This one seemed the simplest. I had everything in the fridge or the cupboard.  It doesn’t call for nuts but almonds would work.  Pine nuts are just too dear these days.  I didn’t use any nuts.  I sorta followed the recipe as far as ingredients went, though  quantities and ratios are probably off somewhat.  I stripped the leaves from the patio basil plant and froze them whole a week ago.  This was the first time for those in a recipe.  The parsley was store bought, my little container planting of parsley is pretty much played out.  I used about half and half romano and parmesan.

I’ve been drying tomatoes all summer, and put them up two different ways, just plain, straight from the oven into a plastic baggie, and also stuffed them into mason jars with garlic and herbs and covered with olive oil.  I used both styles today.

I have to say, this stuff is great tasting!  I sampled the pesto on a Ritz cracker–mmm…can’t wait to use it on a pizza.  Would be good on pasta.  I will probably do the chicken roasted with it tonight..stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Dried Tomato Pesto

  1. It is really tasty. You can tweak the recipe to get to where you want to be with it. I made two batches that had distinct flavors. One was heavier on the garlic. I have some raviolis frozen and was thinking about breading them to go with my awesome sauce. The pesto has awesome sauce in it, now that I’m thinking about it…


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