Mmm…Chicken fried steak ala Indy

Again, welcome IndyLib!  This is pretty much by the book chicken fried steak so nothing to add except I like my gravy on the brown side rather than the library paste looking stuff you too often see.  A little dribble of Kitchen Bouquet handles that part.  Pro tip:  It can also cover for some slightly burned flour!

I will mention the corn on the side.  Basic can of corn, drained, (save the water), some diced bell pepper, a few tablespoons of tomato salsa, a diced fresh tomato (perhaps the last one?), a bit of diced onion, about half of an Anaheim pepper cut into rings.  Mix the water drained from the corn with some chicken soup base and a little bit of corn starch.  Simmer the corn, stir in the corn starch mixture to thicken the corn/peppers mix and top with some shredded cheeses.  Mmm…


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3 thoughts on “Mmm…Chicken fried steak ala Indy

  1. LOL, corn is usually what we eat with it too. Yours sounds better than my plain stuff though, I’d never thought about adding cheese, I’ll have to try that.


  2. It was pretty good, to tell the truth. Cooking for 10 everyday I can see where the little fiddly bits would add up real fast. For this dish I used the pepper “hocky pucks” that I froze in a muffin tin earlier in the summer when we were getting a lot of peppers from the garden. Handy to have around!


  3. I have a freezer full of roasted New Mexico chiles that would go pretty good in that mix. I made the mistake of freezing them with the peel on though, I won’t do that again. Next year I’ll peel and chop them before I freeze them.


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