Barley Beef Soup

And red bell peppers, and roasted garlic, and red wine and tomatoes!  This recipe has it all, and more.

Started out with Mrs J suggesting soup and fresh bread this morning.  Sounded like a good plan so I started the bread in the machine.  It makes the best loaf for slicing big slabs to go with soup.  Mmm…warm bread with butter going all soft on top, mopping up soup…oh my!

One of my all time favorite soups is vegetable beef and barley.  I’ve refined that down to beef and barley with a bunch of onions soup.  I thought I would expand a little this time, look for a recipe online that looked good, given the basics of beef and barley.  Added “red wine” to the search as I went along.  Pretty soon this recipe popped up. Mmm…roasted garlic.  I followed the recipe as written except I used 3 heads of garlic.  Hey-they were smallish heads!  Anyway roasting the garlic tames it down quite a lot, I wasn’t afraid of it.  Oh, and I cooked it with a bay leaf.  Gotta have a bay leaf in there.  Geez, man, really.

To help thicken the soup some, I hit it with an immersion blender just a little bit at serving time.


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