Beef Noodles

Whoa!  Needed something fast because I was starving, having worked until dark hauling rock to a culvert project.  I’m a sucker for these ramen noodles, just about anything will go well with them, even nothing much at all is OK, you can eat them with just a broth.

I thawed a few beef nuggets, and set some noodles to boil.  Chopped some mushrooms, some green onions, ground some szechuan peppercorns in my new mortar (make a great gadget post!), sliced some garlic.  This was going to be bare bones.  Started the beef and the garlic with the peppercorns in some oil, tossed in the mushrooms and some red pepper flakes.  Added some sliced red onions and half the green onions.  Added some beef broth with some corn starch, a squirt of hoisin sauce, and a squirt of oyster sauce.  Thought about adding some of that garlic/chili paste and then did so.  Drained the noodles, plated them, and spooned the beef/mushroom mixture atop them, adding the rest of the green onions for a garnish.

Some pictures from today:

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