Some Fried Chicken and Rocks

Just to keep the oven warm.  Been working steady the last few days, hauling and spreading rock along a little trail I keep up that makes a big circle around the property.  It’s just a handy way to get to different areas and makes an excellent route to follow when taking the dogs out for a run.  It’s just a dirt trail that I dozed out of the second growth tangle that makes up a lot of the ground cover in the area immediate to the house.  Erosion has deepened a few ditches that cut across the leg of the path that parallels the township road.  The ditches channel the runoff from two culverts under that road.  My little path is just a few yards from that road although screened by thickets of small trees and bushes.  The deepening of the ditches meant that I could no longer get my mower across.  Two new culverts with a generous cover of gravel have fixed that for the time being.

I’m tired and my leg is killing me.  You don’t want to know.

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