Awesome Meatloaf

I’ll say it if no one else will.  This was good.  Mrs J was tired of eating crackers and leftovers, she told me this morning that a meatloaf would perk her right up.  It was my task to make it so.

First thing was to thaw a package of hamburger, this one was more than a pound, call it a pound and a quarter or so.  Also thawed some Italian sausage to go in it, just hamburger will work but the pork sausage will take it over the top.  I’ve become quite the fan of carrots in meatloaf ever since I made one with Alton Brown’s recipe.  I roughly chopped a carrot and a smallish onion, and tossed those into the food processor along with a few garlic cloves.  Run the machine until they are finely chopped.  Dump those into a large bowl.  Toss some bread into the food machine and process until you have fine crumbs, toss those in with the carrots.  Now add an egg, red pepper flakes, some onion soup mix, fennel seeds, a teaspoon of dried thyme, some tomato pesto, some chili/garlic paste, and some minced bell pepper.  I nearly forgot the bell peppers.  Add the thawed hamburger and sausage and mix it well by hand.

Mix a sauce for brushing onto the loaf.  I used some brown sugar, ketchup, salsa, BBQ sauce, and a squirt of sriracha.

Form a loaf on a foil lined baking tray, brush on the sauce, and put it into a 325 oven until the center gets to 155 degrees.  An oven thermometer is handy as can be here.  It took mine about an hour and twenty minutes or more, wasn’t really tracking the time.

Made an outstanding dinner with the garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and the last of the broccoli casserole from the other day.


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  1. Meatloaf, yummy. Is there enough leftover for a sammich for me?


  2. LOL! Yeah, I’ve made and set aside 2 lunches in plastic containers, and have enough aside from those for at least 3 fat sammiches. That little dab of sriracha in the topping sauce made it perfect for a dressing.


  3. I have to try this, it looks really good. I love meatloaf, but I never like the way mine comes out.


  4. It was pure Yum! And the sauce was marvelous. Ow! [sprained his shoulder while patting his back]


  5. WOw that looks really awesome! I can’t wait to try this recipe🙂


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