Sticky Chicken

I was all set to make lemon chicken with the couscous but I got a bit sidetracked when I ran across this recipe.  It looked pretty good so I gave it a shot.

Played around with the recipe some, added mushrooms and didn’t follow the directions in the recipe to the letter.  That’s what makes cooking fun for me.  The pictures will tell the tale.  You are supposed to cook the chicken in the sauce until the sauce is “sticky”-hence the name of the dish.  I chose to go with merely “thick”.

Protip:  Do not add a little water to the dirty pan and turn the gas on high to soften the mess as an aid to the cleanup and then walk away and start a blog post, forgetting about the pan.  Just sayin.  Good thing it isn’t cold outside because all the windows are open.


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4 thoughts on “Sticky Chicken

  1. Glad I’m not the only one. Last night I was on the phone with my mom, discussing recipes and started to clean up the kitchen, quite mindlessly. When I got off the phone I realized I’d put the small cast iron skillet into dishwater, scrubbed it and put it in the dish drainer to dry. Sigh, re-seasoning here I come.

    What’s the white pearl-y stuff with the chicken?


  2. I’m really bad about walking away from a pan with a fire under it. I try to remember to start the oven timer when I start a little water to boil to help cut through the crud baked onto some piece of cookware. The smoke from the sauce tonight was really bad, acrid, runny nose and tears, cough your lungs out bad. Mrs J evacuated the critters.
    I’m guessing you are looking at the couscous? It’s a Middle Eastern thing, a type of pasta. Pretty easy to prepare. Tonight I brought the water to a boil, dumped in the seasoning packet and the couscous, covered the pan, let it boil for a minute or two then turned the flame off. Just let it set for a while to absorb the liquid. It was a box mix, never cooked any of the “real thing”. Comes with a variety of seasonings and is quite good, esp as a change of pace.


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