Buns ‘n Stuff

Checking back in.  The hamburger and fries meal came off as planned, albeit a bit later than I had imagined.  I got distracted and before I really knew what was happening I was mounting a spiked roller onto the little Deere.  Don’t ask.

I made another batch of sesame seeded buns, using a different recipe. As before, I let the machine do the mixing and the first knead.  I put the dough into a covered bowl for the first rise, and then portioned the dough into eighths on a tray for a second rise.  This is where I took the dogs on a run to the new pond, where some grass was starting to grow, but there were a lot of spots that needed some additional work or the grass wasn’t going to grow there.  I remembered the roller thingy I had in the shed.  I dragged it out and greased the bearings and filled it with water for the extra weight and then trundled it over to the site of the new pond and ran a few circles around to see how well the spikes broke the crust. Looked like it was just the thing so I told Mrs J we were going to have fun tomorrow sowing grass.  Decided I had best get supper on.

Where was I?  Ah..  So the second batch of buns had time to really rise before I stuck them into the oven to bake.

I did roughly the same thing, 375 oven, misting with water, turned the tray, etc.  I let these brown just a bit more than the last batch.  They look good, still cooling on the rack.  I expect they’ll be fine.