Yay! My Turducken Came!

I’ve been hearing about these things for years but have never done much more than wonder how they are.  We are way too lazy around here to even consider putting one of these things together and I have never seen one offered for sale locally.  I decided to order one this year for Thanksgiving.

Last winter, near Christmas, I took a chance and ordered some perishable foodstuffs from a vendor in Louisiana and had good luck.  The items came packed with dry ice in a styrofoam cooler-everything was frozen solid as a brick and it arrived in good order.  The shipping was steep, as expected, but not unreasonable.  The folks at the other end insist on sending these packages 2d day delivery via one of the major outfits-this time it was FedEx.

Yes, I took pictures:

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9 thoughts on “Yay! My Turducken Came!

  1. You betcha! I’m looking forward to it myself. They say instructions are included but I didn’t look very closely. We have all that packed away in the big freezer. With that andouille and tasso, along with the dry beans that came in a separate package, I feel like a batch of red beans and rice coming on.

    I’m unsure how to thaw the turducken, but I think all day in the sink, submerged in water should go a long way. It can spend the night in the fridge. I think many hours in a low speed oven will do the trick. I may change my tune when I find the instruction sheet.

    Stay tuned.


  2. Sink sounds like a good idea. I’ve been known to do sink/frig/sink over two days to get the extra large bird thawed. I’m having my very first deep fried turkey this year. Can’t wait.


  3. I’ve had some deep fried turkey but just a bite that was cold and old. Can’t say much about them. I do know it’s just too much trouble for a bird or two every year.
    Mrs J gave the cherry pie away to some passing hunters. She wanted to clear the board for another go-blueberry ya say? We do try to please. Stay tuned to this channel!


  4. I use a 5 gallon bucket set under the bathtub faucet. Same principle, but I can still use the sink.

    And I agree – I’m looking forward to details.


  5. I’ve used the bathtub and a cooler to thaw turkey. The last few years I’ve gotten fresh ones, so I don’t have to unthaw. I ordered one this year from the guy who runs our local farmer’s market. It’s organic, cage-free, grain fed, etc.


  6. We decided we had room enough in the fridge for the turducken, took it out of the freezer Sunday night and crammed it in. Read the thawing and cooking instructions on the back side of the label. They said 2-3 days to thaw that way. I just poked it-still pretty firmly frozen after 24 hours. We may do a bathtub soak if it still frozen Wednesday evening.
    They had a stand alone roaster on sale for 30 dollars, I bought one to cook the bird in. Label says 325 degrees and use a thermometer. Not sure when dinner will be.


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