Freezing Bok Choy

I visited the local farmer’s market today to see what produce November offered.  I don’t get by there very often, this may have been the second time this year is all.  Probably wouldn’t have gone today except it is very close to the Asian grocery where I buy all my shrimp.  It’s only open on Saturdays and I usually get to that grocer on a weekday.

Anyway, they had the usual:  Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, greens of several varieties, a bit of expensive cheese, the odd craft item, squashes and pumpkins, several kinds of radishes, and turnips galore.  I bought some poblano peppers that I have in a low oven right now to see how well I can dry them.  What caught my eye was the bok choy-several sellers offered it and it was nearly all of the “baby” styled young plants.  I love that stuff and I bought more than I should have it was so inexpensive.

I got them home and figured the Google could tell me if it would freeze OK–and it  seems to be a decent candidate for storing frozen.  I read several “how tos” and went with the method most commonly used.  Blanch the stuff for 2 minutes, cool it quickly in ice water, drain,  then spread it on trays to freeze.  Once frozen the stalks are gathered and stuffed into plastic freezer bags for longer term storage.  This is similar to the way I froze peppers this summer except for the blanching.  I like the results so far, I have it all put up and it looks good.  I’ll mention how it cooks up when I get there.

The Asian grocer had a big box of fresh shiitake mushrooms.  Again, I bought more than I could use right away.  Google mentioned a few different ways to freeze them and I went with the saute in butter for a little while and then put into zip lock baggies in usable portions.  Wish I  had bought more of them now.

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