Oven Dried Chilies

I bought some fresh poblano chilies at the farmer’s market yesterday and finally decided to dry them in the oven after dithering for a while between drying and freezing.  Dried poblanos are called anchos, the name change reflects the change in state of the pepper-other chilies follow the same convention-a dried jalapeno is known as a chipotle.

I’ve got to say, there isn’t much left from a dozen poblanos after spending a few hours in a warmish oven.  I really didn’t keep track of the time they spent in there, I’ll guess 4-5 hours at 150-200 degrees did the trick.  It would have been quicker had I cut the peppers into smaller pieces.  As it was, I halved them and cut the stem ends off but left the seeds.  I snipped the dried peppers into smaller pieces and ran those through the food processor which reduced them to small pieces, then ran those through the spice mill to powder them.  Pictured below is the result-just a tad more than a 1/4 cup.  I’ll be using  this before long.

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