Cornbread Stuffing

At least I think it may be cornbread stuffing.  I simmered some turkey necks with some aromatics all morning.  Added a good sprinkle of dried tarragon and it has been smelling really great.  Here it is just getting started:

And after several hours simmering:

I picked all the meat off the bones.  It was all I could do not to just stuff it into my mouth it smelled so good.  It had the attention of all the dogs, you can be sure!  LOL

I was thinking this might be the basis for a gravy tomorrow but changed my mind.  I’ve been looking at cornbread dressing recipes and I think I’m going to add the neck meats to the mix.  I just pulled a skillet full of buttermilk cornbread out of the oven.  When it cools I’ll crumble it up and see how well my take on a cornbread dressing comes out.

Most all of the dressing recipes I’ve been looking at have onions and celery, and that’s it for veggies.  I want to add some bell pepper to the mix and see if that will work.

All the recipes so far call for some white bread as well as the cornbread.  I have a multi-grain French loaf baking now.  Yeah, yeah, that’s not white bread.  I’m good with that.

I’m gonna hit the publish button.  Come back soon for the finale!