Mmm…Shrimp/Crab Dip

Just about a perfect thing to go with the crackers we just made.  I kinda winged this recipe, used a small packet of the fake crab meat and fortified that with a good handful of boiled shrimp.  It has the best part of an 8oz tub of whipped cream cheese and probably a half cup of mayo.  Lots of green onions, nearly two bunches of them chopped up finely.  There is minced garlic, an Anaheim green pepper, minced, and some Worcestershire sauce, some Tabasco, the zest of a lemon, the juice of that lemon, some salt and fresh ground black pepper.  A bit of cayenne would work in there but this batch doesn’t have any.  There may be stuff I’m forgetting but that is going to get you close enough to there that you can’t miss.