Mmm…Mushroom Soup

I had a few mushrooms rapidly turning less than fresh so I decided to use them up.  I looked for a mushroom soup recipe and turned this one up, it looked nice enough though I didn’t want to use the food machine to chop them up.  Took a few other liberties with the ingredient list but nothing radical.  The soup turned out pretty good, but the highlight of the meal was the crouton topping.  I diced a few slices of my experimental “hearty loaf of bread” and toasted them in a skillet with butter and olive oil.


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4 thoughts on “Mmm…Mushroom Soup

  1. Thank you, Tes-
    The soup may be more familiar to a U.S. audience-most of us grew up with mothers and aunts making recipes that incorporated a can of Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup. I won’t say that this recipe is an attempt to reproduce that soup but the flavor of it is not too far away.
    The croutons may be my new favorite thing!


  2. i like trying to reproduce favorite commercial foods ! i will be making a garlic soup today and it will definitely have some croutons / your soup looks delicious


  3. Thanks for stopping by again, Katherine. I’ve been sorting through networking and internet access issues the last couple of days and haven’t done much cooking or even thinking about cooking. I bet all the new will wear off the latest gadget soon enough. I do need to make up my mind whether to purchase one after the free trial is over.
    Planning on a simple salad today with some caesar salad dressing, so there will be more croutons! Still deciding whether making my own dressing is worth the trouble today.


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