Busy Busy

I have been having home networking fun all day long, so I haven’t put together my usual brilliant off the cuff elegant rustic menu.  I was chatting with a gentleman from Los Angeles the other day in a chat room I am admin for when he mentioned that his Time/Warner cable internet was out.  He was telling me this on the internet so my first thought was “poor guy is reduced to dial-up!  lol”.


“I have this Verizon broadband 3g thing as a backup.  It’s slow-I’m only getting 3Mb/sec download speed.”

Slow?  Pooh, that’s twice as fast as Hughes.net *{([grouchy old white haired dude shakes his fist at the sky])}* lets me browse.  My best go has been about half that and that’s late at night.  So I ask around the internets and find many happy campers talking about this “personal wifi hotspot” thing.

Last week I dropped by the Verizon store and talked to a rep there.  They have a demo unit and I can take it home with me!  Yay yay!!  But it wasn’t available until today.

That’s it there next to my cell phone.  The cell phone is a tad bigger.  It’s turned on and doing it’s wifi thing there.  The lights all mean something but the two that are particularly relevant to me are the ones at top and bottom.  The top led is signal strength-green is good, red is …not so good.  The bottom led, the green 3G, mens just that-the thing is operating on the 3G Verizon data network. (A red 3G means slow 2G connection-about the same as your old fashioned dial up I was making fun of earlier.)

That’s enough detail, and I really can’t tell you much more, I’m a real noob at this.  You’ll be wondering about the speed:  best I got today was in the parking lot at Kroger’s-1.78Mbs down.  That is  faster than my satellite ever delivered, I think I got almost 1.7 down one night at 2 am.  Just now I ran this test and only got 0.4Mbs down and was moping about until I connected the satellite modem back up to another computer and ran the same test from it.  0.12 and 0.13 on consecutive tries.  This thing may be a keeper.

Okay, okay, here’s a sammich:

And a little kitteh tableau: