Brussels Sprouts and Pasta

I wanted to use these sprouts up before they dried out on me.  Roasted in the balsamic vinegar/oil recipe like the cauliflower yesterday would have been fine.  I wanted to do something a bit different and looked at several recipes including a few that called for heavy cream.  I had the carton of whipping cream out and ready but I changed my mind.

Instead of a cream sauce I went with a chicken stock based sauce with plenty of lemon juice and zest.  The reason I backed away from the cream was the addition of the diced tasso.  I just couldn’t quite picture how it was going to work so I chickened out.  Not that I could quite figure how the lemon sauce was going to act with the tasso, either.

Anyway, I halved the sprouts and added them to a pan with red onions and several sliced cloves of garlic.  Added some olive oil and butter and cooked them with salt and pepper over medium heat while the pasta boiled.  I zested a lemon and squeezed the juice into the pan, added some red pepper flakes.  I added a cup and a half of chicken stock with some cornstarch mixed into it.  That soon thickened into a pretty decent sauce that hinted at being something you could put on a bread pudding.  LOL!  When the pasta was done I dumped it on top of everything in the pan and hollered in Mrs J for dinner.

She sat there looking at her plate and then said “oh, those are sprouts, I thought they were olives”.  Well now, there was a good idea!  Some cracked green olives and some grated parmesan worked just fine in there.


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  1. Guess what I’m going to be doing with the Costco-sized bag of brussels sprouts!


  2. Costco? Don’t they sell by the bushel? LOL

    If I was doing this recipe again today I would make a few changes to the method: Chop the onion into smaller pieces, and hold off on the sauce until the veggies and the tasso (other meats should work fine-chicken, turkey, ham?, bacon?, shrimp…mmm, shrimp) caramelize a bit. That said, there is a good argument to having the veggies prettier and crisp–maybe blanch the sprouts and add them after the meat and onions have cooked down a bit?

    Good luck with them!, and come back with your results! Thanks!


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