If it wasn’t for bad luck

Not that I’m complaining.

Been the last few days enamored of a new little piece of hardware, a Mifi 2200 that will pull in 3g data from the cellular network.  We are in a fringe reception area but we get enough signal to make it work.  I’ve been running a demo unit from the local Verizon store and was pretty happy with it, all in all.  Decided to bite the bullet, went to ebay and bought one cheap.  Heh.

Seems I was a bit confused about things.  They would have given me one free with a two year plan.  I was hoping to avoid a two year plan with the private purchase.  Well–I did avoid the contract.  I tried to activate the thing last night over the net but it seemed I couldn’t get it going, I kept clicking on “10 gigs/month for $80 plan” and I was being redirected to the “which device do you want to buy” web page.  Didn’t want to buy a device, I had one.  Frustrated, I registered the device in the pay as you go (prepaid) plan and got the device authorized for a month with a 5 gig cap.  Figured I’d go in to the Verizon store front and upgrade the plan to what I  wanted.


I can go online right now to the Verizon store and order a new 2200, get it free when activated with the 2 year 10 gig/month plan.  I can’t take the one I already own in and get the plan upgraded “until you’ve been on the pre-paid account for 6 months”.

“You mean I can order a 2200 with the two year plan already authorized on it and the device is free?”


But I can’t put the same plan on this one?”


“Why?  That makes no sense!”



Mmm…pork roast.