And one more thing!


You’ll remember me talking about the yummy puree that was made from the onions and dried chilies and added back to the chicken stock for the pozole last night.

Things didn’t go quite as smoothly as all that.  I invited Mrs J to sample the broth and she indicated displeasure by singing my beard with a small roar.  She usually controls the flame better than that.

So I ladled much of the broth into a smaller sauce pot and replaced it with fresh broth.  This left me with a fair amount of broth that was surplus but too tasty to toss away.  I simmered it for a long time as I pondered how to preserve it and it must have reduced to about a third or less when I had one of those “Aha!” moments:

I stuck that into the big freezer overnight and ended up with these:

I gathered those into a plastic freezer bag and tossed them right back into the freezer.  Mmm…these are going to taste good in any number of things.

3 thoughts on “And one more thing!

  1. What a great solution. There are so many things you can freeze like that and use up – each cube is about 1 tbsp. Tomato paste, wine (leftover from an open bottle), adobo sauce (I’ve been using up a big batch of this over the last few months). Good stuff.


  2. I do that all the time with roux. It takes so long to get a perfect dark roux that I usually make up a triple batch and freeze the rest. Great for making gravy.


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