Canning Pozole

Rather than try to freeze the leftover soup we thought to try to can the stuff.  Have had spotty success with things like pea soup and ham ‘n beans.  I suppose reading the canning recommendations on times and temps would have been useful.

Most if not all of the failures we have suffered are as a result of winging it, extrapolating from canning tomato sauces and the like.  Low acid foods just aren’t suitable for water bath methods.  I won’t bother to link to the canning tables but for veggies and meats a pressure canner is a must, and the times are much longer than I would have guessed.  90 minutes at 10#, and that is after a good 10 minutes and longer at a full boil with the little weight off the vent, blowing all the air out.  Again, I’m not going to link any “how to” sites, just Google them up–most states have official  guidelines and I’ll bet there are multiple federal agencies all too happy to tell you all you need to know.

Anyway, I gave these babies the full hour and a half with the “rocker” weight dancing atop the cooker lid.  This morning they all look fine. I found this explanation of “headspace” to be useful.

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