Needed – Side Dishes for Baked Ham

I’ve decided to do baked ham for Christmas dinner this year and I’m not sure what to serve it with.  I’ve never done ham as a holiday dinner before because,  honestly ham is not overly popular in my house.  Neither my husband or daughter are big ham fans and my boys are ambiguous about it, but I love it and my son-in-law is a fan.  I especially love country ham.  It’s like eating a super-sized,  super thick piece of bacon, with only the meat and none of the fat.  As much as I love it I have decided it’s probably not the best ham to serve for dinner, so I’m going for a bone-in ham, glaze flavor yet undetermined.  Any leftovers will be waiting to go into the ham and beans pot, ham and cheese frittata and loads of other things I can thing of.  What I’m having a hard time thinking of is side dishes to serve with it.  Something with cheese seems an obvious choice – either scalloped potatoes or macaroni and cheese.  After that I draw a blank, especially with veggies.  Anyone have favorite sides that go well with ham?  And what about glazes, anyone have a brilliant flavorful glaze recipe?


I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to help me out with this.  There are some really tasty ideas here.  I haven’t finalized exactly what I’m going with yet (yes, I’ve been known to procrastinate a bit), but so far everything I’m leaning toward includes cheese, bacon and/or sugar, so how bad can it possibly turn out?

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  1. Well, deviled eggs are a given from around these parts with ham. Some kind of dressing of course. Been thinking about gravy?


  2. Rice something or another? A rice dressing or something like dirty rice?
    1 cup dark brown sugar, packed
    3 Tablespoons Dijon mustard
    5 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar

    Score top of ham. Cook, uncovered, for about an hour and a half at 325. Then mix glaze ingredients and slather generously all over exposed portions of ham.
    Continue cooking for another 30 minutes, or until ham reaches ‘safe’ temperature, basting every 10 minutes.
    Mixing the pan juices with a little bit of glaze makes a fab gravy!


  3. Render bacon, sautee onions with vinegar and brown sugar until they are soft and brown. Add green beans and cook the @#$ out of them. Salt, Pepper, ?? to taste. You want the beans soft.


  4. Thanks Jeff. Deviled eggs sound like a nice bit of summer to bring to the meal. And that glaze and gravy idea sound really good. I love mustard and ham together.

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  5. I love plain baked sweet potato with lots of butter when I have ham. The sweetness seems to balance out the salty ham.


  6. I think an herbed wild rice would be nice. And greens sauted with bacon is always good.

    Also, regarding above – John Cole’s cabbage roll recipe is posted on the blog along with honeyed carrots if you’re thinking of those.


  7. Cold brocolli salad
    Cut up some raw brocolli, mix with dried cranberries (or white raisins), add sunflower seeds (or pumkin seeds), then make your favorite slaw dressing to go over the whole thing. Goes over great in my family.


  8. Pineapple stuffing is awesome with ham. It is crushed pineapple, bread and eggs. You can get the recipe on the internet, but it is great, I always have pineapple with ham you can even put the pineapples on the ham as it cooks.


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