Happy New Year.

I had quite the day.  A loooong day.  I became an official grandma today and served up heartburn for New Year’s Eve fare.

My daughter woke me up at 4:00 AM to tell me she was leaving for the hospital and would I please see if I could get my 2 year-old step-grandson back to bed.  He must be psychic because he never wakes up in the middle of the night and throws a fit, but last night he did.  He’d been up since midnight.  So I hauled my very old- feeling 44  year -old behind up from the basement, saw my daughter and son-in-law off to the hospital in the middle of a freak rain storm/fog bank, put my very grumpy grandson back to bed and lay down on the couch to try to catch a bit more sleep.  No luck on the sleep part.

By 11:47 AM I was an “official” grandma of beautiful 6 lb, 3 oz baby girl and after chasing the 2 year-old around the house for 4 hours and making a pot of chili, I needed a nap.

I still haven’t had the nap, but I served up chili, jalepeno poppers, homemade guacamole (made by one of my sister-in-laws), pigs-in-blanket, and brownies (made by another sister-in-law).

I’m still awake because my boys want to have sparkling cider and crack poppers at midnight and have absolutely no mercy on a tired woman who is now a grandma.

Happy New Year’s to everyone and hoping for a prosperous, peaceful one for all.



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  1. Congratulations Indy. Now get some sleep you poor thing. I hope we can get pictures.


  2. You’re a young grandma! Congratulations and remember to eat your Wheaties.


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