Cool new recipe machine for the kitchen!

[Edited to add this pic]  [[“You’d better add it,” sez TaMara!]]

We’ve been busy here reorganizing stuff, recarpeting, fixing floors and doors, hauling out trash, dealing with carpenters and electricians along with the flooring guys and the furniture movers, and trying to make a little better use of the  overall space we have.  This is one component of all the fuss–a new LCD HDTV.  Not that we have HDTV we are aching to watch but this is the coming thing and 23 skidoo!

I spent some few hours playing with the screen as a computer monitor and finally I think I have it figured out.  Took a detour with a HDMI cable but it proved to be a step beyond what the TV was happy with.  I backed up to the not quite latest thing in cabling, a basic 15 pin VGA cable that let me tap into the input channel that the machine set aside for a PC hookup.

I won’t bore you with all the sordid details.  LOL!  Need I mention that it becomes an actual TV again with just a click or two?

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