Homer thinks this pie is named curiosity.

He isn’t at all sure how it can be as lethal as Mrs J insists.

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4 thoughts on “Homer thinks this pie is named curiosity.

  1. Thanks! We like our apple pies to have plenty of “gravy”. It’s a 10″ pan, 3″ deep–3 quarts will fill it to within about 1/2″ of the lip. It’s of a size that puts it smack on the dividing line between a pan and a pot, the long handle says pan to me.
    I don’t remember where we got it, or when. We have picked up a lot of cast iron at yard sales, and some has been passed down from mothers and grandmas.


  2. I just watched an American Test Kitchen where they made the apple pie in a skillet and thought, gee, I should try that and post it. Once again, you read my mind and did my job for me. 🙂


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