Hot Dog Buns

I’ve had my eye on this bun baking tray for a while.  I like making buns and bread but hot dog buns have been very hard to execute properly.  I finally gave in the other day after trying a batch of sourdough hot dog buns.  They came out all different sizes, the texture wasn’t right, blah blah…

While Googling around for the pans, I found this recipe over at Indy’s fave internet store-the King Arthur people.  They claim they prevailed upon the manufacturer of the pan to make one to their specs.  Maybe so, no reason to doubt them, but they want a premium for the pan if you buy from their store.  Amazon has the same pan, I got mine delivered for $23.75.  I am one of their Prime customers so I get a break on shipping.  (Maybe get a break, there are pluses and minuses-not going into that here.)


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5 thoughts on “Hot Dog Buns

  1. i love those buns / they are a New England style / when i was a kid the only places to eat on the JerseyTurnpike were the Howard Johnsons / they had hotdogs in those kind of buns / they are also THE bun for lobster roll / with my successful tries at bagels and english muffins i guess hot dog buns are the next step


  2. Katherine-good morning, Ma’am. Free form dough shaping has never been my strong point. My results usually are misshapen lumps of varying texture and usefulness. I can say that mostly they have gone on to do decent service at the diner table as garlic toast or croutons.
    I looked at various trays built to produce the more usual American Style hot dog bun but I could never see how they would help very much. I believe a good recipe is key, and now that I understand the methods and tips that came with the recipe for this style I may give them a 2d look.


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