Blackberry Cobbler

I noticed we had a lot of frozen berries in the big freezer and decided to make a cobbler out of some of the blackberries.  I’m used to calling on Mrs J to do my cobbler topping but today I used the awesome power of the Google to query the Pioneer Woman about a good way to go about making one.  She shames me with her wit and photographic skillz.  Go over there and learn how to make it.  I’ll just natter along here until you get back.

You’d think with a nice step by step illustrated guide it would be difficult to mess this pretty simple recipe up but you haven’t seen me gimp around the kitchen in a sudden hurry when confronted with the results of a little arithmetic.  Confused yet?  Note that her recipe is for a round dish, 9 or 10 inches or thereabouts.  I was making it in a 9X13 pan.  Doesn’t take much figurin to see that the amounts for the pan I was using would be greater than the amounts the Pioneer Gal set out to document.  Anyway, I mixed up a batch of the cake batter and poured it into the pan and then it struck me:  I need more of this stuff!

Note that the recipe calls for self rising flour.  I didn’t have any but it’s easy to make up a batch, just add 1-1/2 t of baking powder and 1/2 t of salt to a cup of all purpose flour and you have it.  I did all the adding of powders and sifting together and was feeling all Big Kitchen Daddy Baker Dude up until I realized I needed another batch and promptly forgot all about that little aside with the self rising recipe and all.  The second batch of batter went into the pan right  along side the first.  Not sure how many blackberries I used when I dumped the thawed berries into the batter.  I note that one can use too many berries and that they can overwhelm the batter.  I am right at that edge.  I won’t say I used too many but if I make another batch I’ll not use all that I did today.

The pan I used was bigger, but not quite two times as big so the double amount of berries and batter layered in there a bit thicker than the original recipe and so took longer to bake.  I looked in at 55 minutes and gave the timer an extra 5 minutes at least four and maybe five times before I pulled the cobbler out-call it 80 minutes total at 350.  I will note that I set the pan atop a baking stone and that seems to add a need for extra time all by itself.  It seemed to be just about right, though a tad heavy (maybe!) on the berries.